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Erik Kingissepp Apr 30 Knowledge Base / Your Hover Account

To update the password of an email account which you have purchased on one of your domain names through Hover, you can do so in one of two ways.  The first requires that you know the existing password, and can sign into the Webmail interface at https://mail.hover.com to access the account.  

Click here for more details on how to update your email password via Webmail.

However, if you do not know your current email password and you are the administrator of the Hover domain and email accounts, you can simply assign a new password to an email account through the hover.com interface.

Updating your email password in hover.com interface

1. Sign into your Hover account at https://www.hover.com/signin with your account username and password. Click SIGN IN.


2. Hover your cursor over YOUR ACCOUNT in the top right-hand corner, to expand the menu, and then click EMAIL from the list.


3. Locate the email address that you wish to update the password for, and move your cursor over that email address to see the options available.


4. Click on the corresponding password link which appears below the email account.


5. Type the new password for the email account and click Submit.


Your email password is now updated!


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