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Show all All Planned Not planned Completed Answered No status Sort by votes Newest post Recent activity Votes Comments
Dynamic DNS Mike Pelley 241 comments 176 votes Not planned
ALIAS or ANAME records James Digges La Touche 144 comments 115 votes Planned
TWO-FACTOR-AUTHENTICATION Kaydian Radway 127 comments 101 votes Completed
301 Redirects Henry Abey 53 comments 78 votes Planned
Hover needs an API Adam Dill 30 comments 52 votes Planned
Become an SSL Certificate Authority Timothy Ritchey 19 comments 40 votes Not planned
DNSSEC for signed top-level domains? Dan York 104 comments 34 votes Completed
Consolidate Selected Domains Renewal Dates Robert DeBenedictis 7 comments 26 votes Not planned
CAA records James Bellinger 26 comments 24 votes None
push email for iphone Alan Hyslop 27 comments 23 votes Not planned
TXT for larger records Jamie Brost 31 comments 21 votes None
Email Authentication: DMARC, DKIM, and SPF Bob Reckhow 6 comments 19 votes None
Additional Users for Accounts + Specific Domains Sonya Andrews 8 comments 18 votes None
subdomains with other NS jan wiersma 4 comments 18 votes None
Add Additional Users to Account Skyler Young 0 comments 18 votes Not planned
SPF Support for hosted e-mail Tim Lahey 12 comments 17 votes None
IPv6 glue records Ben Dunshee 11 comments 16 votes Completed
Implement catch-all email when a mailbox is purchased as part of a domain David Marshall 61 comments 15 votes Not planned
Zone file import/export Quentin Stafford-Fraser 13 comments 14 votes Not planned
Group my Domain Names Tracy Della Vecchia 12 comments 14 votes Planned
Allow other Hover accounts access to specific domains. Stephen Coles 3 comments 13 votes Not planned
TXT records greater than 255 bytes William Sommers 2 comments 10 votes Planned
iPhone App Ken Wiesner 16 comments 10 votes Not planned
Consolidate Selected Domains Renewal Dates Oliver Crow 7 comments 9 votes Not planned
CatchAll Email Address Forwarding Daniel Maurice 4 comments 9 votes Not planned
Canadian dollar billing option Adam Majer 12 comments 8 votes Not planned
Support for .fi domains Matias Korhonen 5 comments 7 votes None
Support privacy on IO domains, like other registers do Michael Marks 0 comments 7 votes Not planned
CalDAV support for Hover Calendars James Patrick 9 comments 7 votes Completed
Ability to choose which credit card to use for renewals Tracy Della Vecchia 16 comments 7 votes Planned