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Add Google Apps to the list of "Connect" Services Landon Harris 1 comment 4 votes Planned
Copy Owner to Admin and Tech contacts Andrew Flach 0 comments 1 vote Planned
DNS record templates Alfred Nerstu 2 comments 1 vote Planned
Be more sticky! Stewart Shirey 1 comment 0 votes Planned
TXT records greater than 255 bytes William Sommers 2 comments 12 votes Planned
301 Redirects Henry Abey 63 comments 81 votes Planned
ALIAS or ANAME records James Digges La Touche 144 comments 123 votes Planned
Add support for domains Roland Warmerdam 6 comments 1 vote Planned
Hover needs an API Adam Dill 36 comments 59 votes Planned
Ability to choose which credit card to use for renewals Tracy Della Vecchia 16 comments 7 votes Planned
Group my Domain Names Tracy Della Vecchia 12 comments 14 votes Planned