Pay for services in advnace

I would, very simply, like to pay for the realnames personal email service in advance.

This seems to me like a very simple financial / accounting service. All that the company would have to do is keep a record in their database of what services had been paid for and up to what date, which it surely already does if it knows when to ask for a renewal payment.

However, I'm being told that Realnames (part of Hover / Tucows) can't accept payment in advance for their personal email service and that I have to renew it when it expires every year, or put my credit card details up on their site (which I am not prepared to do, for any one).


I bought a personal email service from realnames for my girlfriend, after trying to buy it from hover, but being told by their support people (after hover's site couldn't complete the transaction) that I had to use realnames. My girlfriend is a Doctor, that relies upon email but is unwilling to rely on the realnames service since she thinks it might be unreliable, especially since we have no control over renewing.


Unfortunately, I started using mailbank, who got transferred to netidentity, who got transferred to nameplanet, who got transferred to hover, who got transferred to tucows...  As a result of all these corporate buyouts/takeovers, I lost the sub-domain website service and was given no alternative.  However, as a (current) hover customer, I can renew my personal email service for many years in advance - in fact I did just that and renewed out to the maximum 10 years they offered and now have the peace of mind that my personal email service will be valid until 2026.


My girlfriend would like the same peace of mind.

I tried to buy the personal email service for her through hover. They failed and said I had to use realnames.

Realnames say I can't renew the service in advance.

Realnames and hover are all part of the same company under tucows.


The corporate senior management don't care. They already have my money and are obviously unwilling to implement a very simple service to actually help their wage paying customers.


If I could get this service from another company I'd have no hesitation whatsoever. But alas, hover/realnames/tucows (whoever?) own the TLD.

Surely they also have some responsibility?


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