Additional Users for Accounts + Specific Domains

There have been two suggestions about adding additional users to Hover accounts, both of which have been closed to replies and marked as "not planned". Please tell me you aren't really planning on NOT implementing this feature? 

This would make client account management sooooo much easier and also help provide security for the client. Having the ability for designers/programmers to access specific information only — domain details, specific domains only, etc. can help account owners make sure their billing information is safe while making sure that those managing their website have access to DNS records and other info they might need in their day-to-day work.  

I have upvoted the other two posts about this, and if you think this is repetitive, you can feel free to delete, but I just feel this is a really important feature. I love Hover's interface otherwise and have recommended Hover as a domain registrar to a lot of folks. This would make Hover's service really awesome if you could add this feature as it's been the main issue people have had who I've recommended Hover to.


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