DNSSEC for signed top-level domains?

Are there plans to provide support for DNSSEC for domains where the top-level domain has been signed? (.org, .com, many ccTLDs, etc)  And if so, do you have an ETA for adding that support?

I'm currently signing the domains that I have hosted at GoDaddy through their easy-to-use service, and would ideally like to do that with the domains I have hosted here at Hover, too.  (And I *really* don't want to move my domains.)

I'd love it if the DNSSEC support would handle all the key generation and everything else automagically, i.e. if I change/update DNS records, the DNSSEC info would be all automatically updated.

And... if you are planning a DNSSEC implementation and are looking for beta testers, I'm definitely glad to help.

Thanks for the consideration,


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