After recent outage what are you going to do to fix your network design problems?

After the network outage starting 9/28 @ 12am, and wasn't resolved till 7:40am EST which looks to be primarily a DNS server failure (at a minimum) I had a little time to reverse analyse your DNS infrastructure.

What the hell is wrong with you? Being a domain, and DNS provider it is blatant negligence on your part for not geolocating redundant servers at different locations around the world.

All your DNS servers are centrally located in the same Colo, in Toronto, CA along with all of tucows.com infrastructure (which I think you're a subsidiary of).


Even with redundant fibers to multiple backhauls, any rogue BGP/regional disaster is going to take everything out.

Completely Unacceptable, unless my facts are wrong and you'd care to correct me.

David a soon-to-be-former customer and reseller of Hover


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