Migrating a co.uk domain to Hover

I posted this a few days back as a Hover Help Center' request (#1328710), but have not heard anything back since then so I'll try this forum...


Ian Bennett Monday at 18:02

Hi There!

Well, you say the more details the better so here goes... ;-)

Background: After much searching on techie forms, I was very impressed by the Hover domain services. I transferred one of my own test domains over (fernbrae.net) and, more recently, created a new domain for one of my customers prior to setting up their Office365 hosted Exchange system. I've been delighted with the service Hover provide for domains.

I run a small IT support company and have inherited many customers who have their domains hosted by all sorts of different registration providers, many of whom make me very nervous due to lack of communication, no direct access to dns records etc etc. So, I'm now keen to move as many of my customer domains as possible over to Hover, but would like to start with one of the more important (and historically difficult!) domains.

I'm based in the UK so most of my customers have co.uk domains - when I feed customer co.uk domains using the 'Transfer' menu option on your website I'm advised to get in touch with you, hence this request for assistance.

So, over to you Hover tech support...

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