Catchall Not Available

Finally cut my last ties with old registrar GD when my last email package came up for renewal.  Now all my domains are with Hover and figured I would use email services as well.

Many of these domains were for sites that have been deprecated.  At one time perhaps there we a dozen email accounts.  Now these domains are in holding and   rather than keep a dozen mail accounts live, we just use a catchall so we can pick up the odd important email.

Only after setting up  five new hover email boxes do I come to find out that catchall is no longer offered. Who ever would have expected that this basic functionality offered by every other email host is NOT OFFERED at Hover?

I've read the other threads on this topic and honestly the rationale does make sense to me. There is exactly the same possibility to spam from an account set as catch all as there is from one without.


While I understwnd that there are ways this can be misused, it really is key core functionality for us as a digital firm.  I should have done more digging into this before picking Hover for email, but really there is no way to tell until after set up.

If you want to be a serious business class email host this is a feature that must be restored.  I've been very happy with Hover and do not regret in the least leaving GD, but this is truly a disappointment.


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