Suggestion concerning whois privacy e-mail offer by Hover

I'm your client, and have a few suggestions:

At hover you offer Whois Privacy for some domains.

The e-mail indicated in the whois database is not a valid one, who ever wants to contact must go to the contactprivacy web site to be able to contact the domain owner.

There may be reasons why someone may want to have the e-mail available to be contacted in the whois database.

So, I suggested the following:

- By default is the current way of operating: domain@contactprivacy.com (that goes nowhere)

- But if the client wants, you should allow to be displayed an e-mail that really works, for example: 1j12j4k12bnas81he1hfaodp-domain@contactprivacy.com

- The client needs, of course, to be able to change this e-mail immediately (clicking some "generate a new privacy e-mail address for this domain" link) should someone starts to send spam to this e-mail address (and that really happens, specially from other domain registration company's) this will solve the problem.

- Because this e-mails at whois database seem to be catch primarily by domain registration "scammers" that try to afraid people that their domain address is going to expire or need to be renewed (or something like that), it would be nice for the original message to be attached in a similar way that you send when someone uses the online form at contacprivacy web site.
Maybe with a advice: «This e-mail attach to this message was not generated by Hover, your current domain registration company of your domain: "domain.tld". Be aware the message can be a scam, phishing or may contain links to malware.».

- The client should be able to disable the e-mail contact function at any time so that it doesn't work anymore returning to default situation (e-mail address that goes nowhere).


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