Paying with Hover Account Balance

Funds can be added to your Hover account balance to pay for orders. If you have a positive Account Balance on your Hover account it will be your primary source for all orders. If there are not enough funds to cover a new domain, mailbox, or renewal order the remaining balance will be charged to the billing information we have on file.  

Important: Account balance transactions are considered non-refundable. 

How to add funds to your account balance 

1. Sign in to your Hover Control Panel.Hover_control_panel_sign_in.png

2. Select Settings from the navigation bar. Navigation_bar_-_settings.jpg

3. Select Add funds 


4. Select the amount you wish to add from the available increments or enter in a custom amount and select continue. The maximum amount you can have in your account is $2,500.


5. Submit your order. The billing information saved to your Hover account will be charged by default when you add funds to your balance but you do have the option to use a different payment method here. 


Where can I find my Account Balance? 

To help you manage your funds there are multiple places you'll be able to view your account balance. 

In your Hover account under settings you will be able to view and add funds 



Renewal reminders will include the upcoming order details and your remaining account balance after the service renews.



Order confirmation emails will include an updated account balance after an order is completed. 



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