How to use your Etsy voucher with Hover

With Etsy's new Etsy Plus tiered price service one of the many benefits of this package includes a discount when registering a domain name with Hover. This article outlines how to utilise your Etsy Plus voucher.

1. Sign into your Etsy account at


You will need your Etsy account username or email address along with your password to sign in. You may also sign in via your Facebook or Google account.


2. Once signed in you will select the Shop Manager option


3. Once in the Shop Manager section of your Etsy account select the Marketing tab on the left hand side of your screen.


4. From the Marketing tab you will select the option for Custom Web Address.


5. From the Custom Web Address page in your Etsy account you will select the option to Get your new web address with Hover.


6. You will be routed to the Hover website where you can then purchase your domain name and avail of your Etsy plus discount.


 7. Once the domain name you wish to register is searched for you will be provided with an exact match of the domain name if available along with suggested domain names that are similar to the domain name you searched for. 


8. Add the domain you wish to register by clicking on the plus symbol next to your desired domain name


9. Once the plus symbol is clicked the domain of your choice will be added to your shopping cart which will be visible on the right-hand side of the screen. Select the option for Proceed to Cart.


10. You will be presented with a Shopping Cart summary of your domain registration order and to proceed with your order you need to select Secure Checkout.


11. Once in the Secure Checkout option you will be prompted to create your Hover management account. You will also need to fill in the following details to proceed with your order:

  • Registration information
  • Billing information
  • Order confirmation


12. Once the required information is entered and you agree to our Terms of Service, select Submit Order


13. Congratulations! You have successfully registered a Hover domain using your Etsy Voucher! You will be presented with a confirmation that your order has been completed successfully and you can then select the option Connect it to Etsy.


14. When you select Connect it to Etsy your settings at Hover will automatically populate to link your domain name to your Etsy store. You will receive a notification that your domain is connected to Etsy. You can then return to your Etsy store by selecting Go back to Etsy to finish.


15. You will be routed back to your Etsy account where you select OK, got it! and that's it you are all set! You have successfully registered a Hover domain using your Etsy voucher and linked your domain name back to your Etsy store. 







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