How to: Point your domain to Etsy

This tutorial will show you how to link your Hover domain to your Etsy store. 

If you're an Etsy Plus member, you get .STORE domain for free or 50% off select TLDs through Hover. Learn more about which Hover domains you can get at Etsy. Your Hover Domain will automatically connect and redirect you to your Etsy shop after the purchase. If you have any issues connecting your Etsy domain, please see the steps below.

Connect your domain to Etsy in your Hover Account

1. Sign into your Hover account here:

2. If you have a single domain with Hover you can move to step 3 as you will already be on your Domain Overview page. If you have more than one domain you will need to select the domain you wish to connect to Etsy from the Your Domains list.


3. On the Domain Overview page, in the Nameservers section, make sure the name servers listed are pointed to and

PLEASE NOTE: Changing your name servers may disrupt domain forwarding or email hosting services linked to the domain as changing name servers will change where the domain settings are based. If you need help editing your name servers please see: How to: Change your domain nameservers


 4. Next on the Domain Overview page you can select the Connect tab OR select the More option within the Connect window.connect_etsy_options_in_domain_overview_page.png

5. From the Connect tab you can then scroll down until you see the option for Etsy and click Select


6. In the Connect to Etsy window you will be prompted to enter your Etsy shop name. Once entered click on Connect


7. Once connected you will be presented with the following page in your Connect tab


You are done!

Once your settings take effect your domain will resolve to your Etsy store.

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