What are consent request emails?

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve privacy and security for all Hover customers, and also as a result of the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Hover has made changes to how your personal data is protected.

Hover Customer Support is not able to view personal information about you without your specific, time-limited consent. This includes information such as your name and account email address. Support is also unable to sign into or view the contents of your Hover account without that same consent from you.

You are in control of access to your personal data

When you request help from Hover Customer Support that requires that a member of our Support team either view personal information about you that is stored with your account or to access your account, we’ll send you an email that allows you to provide us with your consent for a period of time.

The email will be sent to the primary account email address as well as the secondary account email address if one is configured.

The email will contain a unique link to a special webpage where you can provide us with an appropriate amount of access to your personal information or account in order for Support to assist you. That access continues for seven (7) days or until you revoke the consent from your Privacy page in your Hover account.

While this consent system adds a small amount of additional complexity when you require help from our Support team, you can be confident that your personal data and information stored in your Hover account is protected from being accessed without your consent.

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