Verifying your Hover account

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve privacy and security, Hover has changed how your data is protected.

Hover support cannot view your personal information without verifying your account. This includes information such as your name and account email address.

Support cannot sign into or view the contents of your Hover account without your account being fully verified.

Verifying your Hover account

When you come to Hover for help, our support team will determine if account verification is required to assist you.

If they need access to your personal information, account, or mailbox settings, it will be necessary. 

  1. Log in to the email address listed as your primary Hover account contact.
    Note: The information on your account will be redacted until the verification process has been completed, so the support team won't be able to tell you what email address is on file.
  2. Locate and open the email titled Hover PIN verification.
  3. The email will look like this. Give the four-digit PIN to the Hover agent.
  4. If you also have two-factor authentication enabled on your account (2FA), it is at this point you will need to obtain the code from your authenticator app or your SMS and give it to support.

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Revoking consent

Our previous verification process included an extra step requiring specific consent levels. This process has been adjusted, but you may still have ongoing consent on your Hover account.

You can choose to leave ongoing consent on your account, or you can choose to revoke the active consent agreement.

  1. Sign in to your Hover control panel using your chosen method of 2FA.
  2. From the Domains Overview page, click on Settings found in the top navigation menu.
  3. Click on the Privacy tab, found in the Settings sub-menu.
  4. Select Revoke.
  5. Click Revoke consent.
  6. You'll then see the active consent agreement summary, which will outline that support cannot access your personal information and which domains or mailboxes are in your account. 

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