Updating your registration records with the new ICANN Trade policy

On December 1, 2016 the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) made changes to the existing Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy (IRTP). This change will affect generic TLDs  like .com, .net, .photography or .xyz. This update will not affect country-code domains, although some of these domain extensions have a similar practice in place already.

Note: This new policy applies to all registrars, not just Hover. We’re required to follow the procedure in order to maintain our ICANN accreditation that allows us to sell domain names.


What is an Inter-Registrar Transfer?

Changing the owner contact name, organization or email address of a domain is considered a trade and changes the ownership of a domain at the registry level. There is no charge for a trade and keeping this information up to date is critical to maintaining your domain.

This does not move the domain to a different Hover account or move the domain to another registrar. See this blog post for assistance making those changes.

For more information about the ICANN policy and what makes a trade a trade read this guide


How to submit an Inter-Registrar Trade

  1. Log into your Hover.com account

  2. Select domain you want to transfer to access the domain details page. (If you only have one domain registered to your account you will automatically be brought to the domain details page when you login)

  3. The registration record is located on the bottom left corner of the Overview page. Scroll to the bottom of the page to manage the Registration Records and select OWNER. Then click EDIT to the right of Registration Records. Update the name, organization and/or contact details to reflect the new owner.

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  4. By default, the option to opt out of the 60-day transfer lock is disabled, if you wish to disable that lock on your domain make sure to select that option. If this lock is enabled it prevents your domain from being transferred to another registrar for 60 days. Once you click Save Changes the Trade is now complete.


  5. After changes are made both the old and new contacts will receive emails to notify both parties of the change. No further action is required by either party.

    Note: If you updated the name and/or organization fields but not the email address you will receive both emails to the email address set as the owner contact one as the original contact and the second as the new contact.  

The new domain owner may be required to verify the new registrant information for ICANN. The details for that verification process can be found here




How often can you trade a domain?

There is no charge for trading the domain and nothing to stop you from making changes to the name, organization and/or contact information as needed.

What if I accidentally enable the 60-day transfer lock on the domain after a trade?

Submitting another change to your owner contact will provide the option to opt out of the 60 day lock again. Making a change to the name, organization or email address listed and checking the box for the option to not apply the transfer lock will update your domain status and allow you to submit your transfer.  

If you are planning to transfer the domain to another registrar after the trade be sure the option to bypass the lock is selected when you make the changes to the registrant name and/or contact information.

If you are planning on moving the domain to another Hover account after your trade you can enable the 60-day transfer lock on the domain and it will not impact the move.   

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