How To: Cancel Hover Services

Cancelling an existing domain

You can cancel an existing domain service at any time simply by turning off the auto-renew feature and allowing your domain name to expire. The domain will remain active to the expiry date.

For instructions on how to disable Auto-Renew, please see: How To: Turn Auto-Renew On or Off


Refunds are a bit more complicated and will need to be taken care of by Hover customer service. You can contact us by email at or by phone at 1-866-731-6556.

NOTE: Renewal fees and Premium Domain purchases are non-refundable.

Cancelling a new registration

If you have just registered the domain name, we can delete most domain names with the registry and provide a full refund within the first 4 days only. On the 5th day, the registration of the domain name is finalized by the registry. This means that the domain registry will not return the registration fees and so we cannot provide a refund for the domain registration or any future renewals of the domain name.

Note: Deletion policies are set by each domain registry, not by Hover, and are subject to change at any time. Not all registries provide deletion options. For instance, country-code domain extensions (such as .es, .eu, and .uk) may have different deletion policies and cannot be refunded.

Transfer away from  Hover

You also have the option to cancel services with Hover by transferring your domain name to another registrar. Initiating the transfer to another registrar will cancel your services with Hover but the domain registration will not be cancelled.

For instructions to Transfer away from Hover, see: How To: Transfer your domain away from Hover


Email addresses can be canceled at any time, and we'll provide a pro-rated refund for any unused email services that you have purchased. Please contact us to get this done.


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  • 0
    Tero Muhonen

    How could I delete my whole account, when I don't need your services any longer?

  • 0
    Terri-Leigh H.

    Hi Tero

    First you'll want to set the domains in your account to have Auto-Renew off. This will cancel the services at expiry. Once the services have expired, you can contact us at to close the account. 


  • 1
    khalid tafezrati

    I contacted hover support and no response I'm thinking to transfer my domains to another registrar that have great customer service

  • 0
    Joe Francis

    The website domain I purchased just doesn't work, getting it fixed seems to be impossible and it's looking unlikely I'll get a refund

  • 0
    Courtney Mathieson

    Hi Joe, 

    I see that someone was looking into this for you by email a couple of days ago and it seemed to be working. 

    But I am going to follow up with you again by email as there appears to be a new issue with it and I will need some specific details so we can get this sorted out.


  • 0
    Maria Reichel

    I am very pleased with the process of getting a domain name through Hover. All my trouble was on the Web developer side ( who had awful service). After I switched to (who have excellent service), I was finally able to link my domain name with my web page. The one time I contacted Hover for help, I received sufficient assistance very promptly. I will come back, should the need arise. 

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