Connecting your Hover domain to Pattern by Etsy

Pattern can help you get more out of your Etsy store. Pick a theme and a colour scheme, and Pattern will use your existing store listings to populate your new website which you can customize any way you like. This guide will assist you in connecting your domain to a website you created using Pattern by Etsy. Keep in mind these steps do not work to connect a domain to your Etsy store; you must sign up for Pattern. Also, it is important to note that Pattern does not support specific country domain extensions (ccTLDs). Once you’ve created your website, log into both your Hover account and your Pattern Dashboard to connect.

When you log into your Hover account you will see a list of your domains. Select the domain you want to connect to Pattern to connect you to the management portion of your account for that domain. If you only have one domain you are automatically connected to the management section of your account. Once you are here you can connect your domain in a few quick steps:

Step 1: Review your Nameserver settings

If this is a new domain or if you have been managing your DNS with Hover you will have our default records listed here (NS1.HOVER.COM and NS2.HOVER.COM). If you have something else listed in that field you will need to update the Nameservers to use Hover’s default*. Select the option to edit and replace the details listed in the text box with Hover’s nameservers then click Save.

*Before making this change think of any active services currently linked to your domain like email or a subdomain that connects to additional content. If you have something like this active and wish to keep that along with your new website you will have to manually add some DNS records to the DNS manager at Hover. 

Step 2: Using the Connect tool

Still in your Hover account, select the option at the top of the page that says Connect. Scroll to the option that says Pattern and click Get Started. On this page select the subdomain you wish to use. You can select or create your own like

Step 3: Update your Pattern Dashboard

In your Pattern account, go to the Domain settings portion of the dashboard and in the text field below Own a domain? Connect it to your Pattern Site enter your domain name with the subdomain you opted to use while connecting on the Hover page so they match exactly, whether you selected or

Step 4: Connect and complete

To complete setup go back to Hover and click the Connect button. Our system will automatically add the information Pattern requires directly to your DNS manager in the Hover account. You can check those records out by clicking on the DNS tab of your Hover account.  Now your domain is connected to your website at Pattern. Keep in mind that it can take up to 48 hours for your domain to update.

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