Connecting your Hover domain to a Medium Publication

Medium now allows the use of custom domains for Medium Publications. Note that you can’t use a custom domain for a Medium profile (@username), only for a Publication. 

A Publication is a group of stories from one or more contributors. To setup a custom domain on a Medium Publication, you need to be the owner of the Publication.

Note that the process to setup a custom domain involves a couple of manual steps. Hover Connect will assist you by adding the majority of the required DNS records, but due to the specific way Medium configures custom domains, there is one DNS record you will need to enter by hand.

Hover Support can assist you with that additional record, if required.

To get started, read this article from Medium on how to request custom domain support for your Medium Publication.

Once you’ve read through that information to make sure you can use a custom domain with your Medium Publication, fill out the form here to get started:

Once you fill out the form on Medium, you’ll receive an email from them with information on DNS records that need to be configured. Hover’s Connect feature will add the required A-Records and a CNAME to forward the www version of your domain to the root or apex (i.e to

There will be one additional CNAME that Medium will send you in this email. It’s used to verify that you are in control of the domain name so that Medium can purchase and install an SSL Certificate for your domain on their servers (at no cost to you).

The section will look something like this:



Your new CNAME record has two parts: a domain and a target. Together, the domain and the target values create one record which will re-direct your domain or subdomain to our custom domain system. 

CNAME Domain (may also be called “Host” or “Name”): [long string of letters and numbers] 

Some registrars (like namecheap, google domains, gandi, and hover) will only allow you to add the string of numbers and letters before your domain or subdomain. If adding the entire string with the domain name doesn’t work, try just adding the alphanumeric string (token) before your domain. (If using a subdomain, try as "token.subdomain", and leave off the domain.)

CNAME Target (may also be marked “Points to” or “Value”): [another long string of letters and numbers]


You’ll need to create a CNAME for your domain. Click the DNS tab on the Domain Details page.

Then select CNAME from the Record Type. Enter the CNAME Domain string of characters from the email in the Host field and the CNAME Target information in the Target Host field. Click Save.



That’s it! You are done.

It can take an hour or two, up to a day for Medium to get things set up on their side, including having the SSL certificate installed. You may see a “security warning” for a short period of time while they complete the setup.

If you have any questions, or need help entering the special CNAME, give Hover Support a call and they can help you out.


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