How To: Create Domain Shortcuts (Custom URLs)

Hover's domain forwarding service allows you to create unlimited, custom redirections using or

To create these additional domain forwards, complete the following steps:


1. Sign in to your Hover account HERE.


2. If there is more than one domain name in your account, click on the domain you want to redirect. This will open its Overview page.



3. Check your domain's nameservers. If the nameservers are and, then you can skip to the next step. If your name servers are not set to Hover, click on the EDIT button and change your name servers to and  Click HERE if you need more detailed instructions on how to change your domain's name servers.

PLEASE NOTE: changing your nameservers may disrupt any third party website or email hosting services.  If you are in doubt whether this applies to you, please contact customer service by email at or give us a call at 1-866-731-6556.



4. Click on the DNS tab. Double check that your domain name's A records are pointed at, as pictured below.  You can skip to the next step if this is how your domain is configured already.

If your domain is not pointed at then domain forwarding will not work.  This means you are pointing your domain to another IP, possible for your existing website.

You can edit existing DNS records by placing your mouse cursor over the hostname and clicking on edit DNS.  Alternatively, you can use the Reset to default link to reset all of your DNS records to the Hover defaults.  Editing or resetting DNS records will point your domain name away from any third party hosting services you may be currently using.

Click HERE if you need more detailed instructions on how to edit your DNS records. 


5.  Click on the Forwards tab and then click on Forward This Domain.



6.  Select a Forward Type, from the drop down choose

Enter a Shortcut Name and then enter the destination address in the Forward To text field. The Shortcut Name is what will appear at the end of your custom URL, for example,

Click Save when you are finished.


Please note that masking/stealth forwarding is NOT supported any longer.

7.  To view your forward in action, wait about 15 minutes and you can view your forward in any browser.  In the example above, you'd type in in the address bar.


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