How to: Add or modify your own name servers (glue records)

This guide shows you how to create Glue Records. These are used to create your own domain name servers based on a domain you have registered in Hover. This only applies if you plan to run your own DNS servers, and manage your own DNS.

If you just need to update your domain to point at name servers your website hosting provider gave you, please refer to this article: How To: Change your domain nameservers (DNS Servers)

To create your custom Glue Records, complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your Hover account at

  2. If you have more than one domain, select Domains from the Your Account menu.

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  3. Select the domain you wish to use to create your new name servers.

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  4. Click on the Advanced page. Here you can choose the option Add A Glue Record.

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  5. Enter your name server record name and the corresponding IPv4 or IPv6 address for your name server.  Click Add Record.

    Repeat this step to create additional Glue Records.
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Some important notes about Glue Records:

  • You cannot add more than one Glue Record (name server) with the same IP address. The IPs must be different for each name server.

  • A glue record cannot be deleted while any other domain is still using it.

  • When updating a domain to point at your new name servers, and you get the error "Nameserver [] doesn't exist at the registry (Code 480)", please contact Hover support as we will need to add your name servers to the registry first.


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