Domain redemption

Domain Redemption is the process of recovering a domain if it has expired and is past the grace period.

Important: Domain redemption may not be available for all domain names! Currently, the domains that Hover supports that do not have a redemption period are: .ac, .aero, .au, .coop,  .fm, .nu, .se, and .sh.  

At the end of the grace period, our registrar can choose to pay the renewal fee and put domains up for auction.,, .sc,  domain names are not auctioned, domain names with a history of high website traffic or domain names that have a high level of marketing potential may not go into redemption.

For your convenience, we provide a grace period for expired domain names. During the grace period domains can be renewed without penalty. After 40 days (for some domains), expired domains are placed into redemption.

If a domain enters redemption it can only be restored by paying a $175 redemption fee in addition to a one year service renewal. If a domain is not redeemed it is marked for deletion 70 days after expiration so it can be made available for public registration again. Domains that are marked for deletion are typically deleted 5 days later (75 days after the expiration date).

To recover domains that have entered the redemption, please contact a customer adviser by email at or by phone at 1-866-731-6556.


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