Use PayPal to purchase or renew Hover services

This article will show you how to purchase or renew Hover services using PayPal.

WARNINGYour PayPal account must have a credit card as a backup payment option, even if you have a cash balance or verified bank account.  Hover services are renewed on a subscription model with recurring payments for active services.  PayPal requires a credit card for any sort of recurring payment from any vendor, not just Hover.


To choose Paypal during Checkout, follow these steps:

  1. When purchasing a new service or renewing a service in Hover, and you've come to the Checkout page, you can select the Edit button in the corner of the Billing Info section.

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  2. If you already have a credit card on file and want to switch to PayPal, click on Edit. Here you can choose, Pay with Paypal.

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  3. If you want to use Paypal for all future purchases, you can put a check mark in the box below, and then click the Blue Paypal Button.

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  4. To connect to your Paypal account, a window will appear asking you to login using your Paypal Login information.

    If you ended up on this window in error, and you don't wish to use Paypal, click Cancel and return to Hover, below.

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  5. Your PayPal account details and payment method will be displayed.  Click on the Agree and Continue.

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  6. Once complete, you will be taken back to your Hover account to finish your order. You will now see your Paypal email address set up as the Billing Info.

    Put a check mark in the box once you've read, and agree to, the Terms of Service.

    Click Submit Order.

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  7. Once you've submitted the order, you're all set! You will receive an email receipt of your purchase.
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