How to: Use PayPal to purchase or renew Hover services

This tutorial will show you how to process a purchase or renew Hover services using PayPal.

Please note:  Your PayPal account must have a credit card as a backup payment option even if you have a cash balance or verified bank account.  Hover services are renewed on a subscription model with recurring payments for active services.  PayPal requires a credit card for any sort of recurring payment from any vendor.

When purchasing a new service or renewing a service in Hover, you can select the Check out with PayPal option under in the Billing Info section, as pictured below:

If you already have a credit card on file and want to switch to PayPal, click on the Use a different card link on the purchase confirmation screen so you can select PayPal:

After entering the contact details for your PayPal account, put a check next to Update my default billing contact if you want to overwrite the credit card details currently stored in your account.  Click Continue to proceed to the PayPal checkout.

You will be taken to a PayPal log in page in a separate window.  Log in with your email address and password


Your PayPal account details and payment method will be displayed.  Scroll down and click on the Agree and Continue button to process your payment to Hover.

After agreeing to the purchase in PayPal, you will be taken back to your Hover account to finish the transaction.  Select I have read and agree to the Hover terms of service and then click Finish.

After your renewal is processed, and order invoice will be displayed.  Click on Print this invoice if you want a printed hard copy of your order invoice.


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    Sergio Omar Flores Esparza

    cada año les he dicho que al vencimiento, solo carguen a mi tarjeta de credito el importe del costo del servicio, habra alguien capaz en esa empresa que pueda hacerme el favor?

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    Michael Fich

    Hi Sergio,

    I'm currently writing up an email which will be sent out to your shortly.  Please keep an eye out for the message from

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