FAQ: Billing and Payments

This article covers some of the most frequently asked Billing and Payments questions we receive.

What payment methods does Hover accept?

Hover currently accepts payment by the following

How do I use PayPal?

To use Paypal as your payment method for purchasing or renewing Hover services, please following the instructions in the following article: How to: Use PayPal to purchase or renew Hover services

How do I use Apple Pay?

To use Apple Pay as your payment method for purchasing or renewing Hover services, please following the instructions in the following article: How To: Pay with Apple Pay

What currency do you charge in?

All transactions are in US Dollars.  This is indicated on all receipts.

How can I update my Billing Info?

You can update your account billing information in the Settings area within your Hover account.

To update your billing info, please see: How to: Add or Update your Billing Information

Can I renew without the account log in credentials?


There are a few reasons why we have this option: You might have forgotten the login, but don't have the time to recover it right now, or you need to get that login from someone else to renew, or perhaps you're trying to renew a domain for your company at work, and don't have access to the account, or you could even by renewing a friend's domain for them, as a gift! 

In any case, if you are unable to login, but you must renew the service now, please follow our "No Hassle Renewal" instructions here: No Hassle Renewals

Using this method, you can indicate the email address where you want the transaction receipt to be delivered (to send it to yourself), so the person you're doing the purchase for doesn't see it - handy if you're doing this as a gift!

I have a Canadian billing address - What's your GST/HST number?

Our GST/HST # is:  87321 5321 RT0001

Do you collect tax from me on my purchases?

We only collect GST/HST based on Canadian billing addresses, because our office is in Toronto, Canada. We're required to collect this tax by the Canadian federal government and we submit these amounts to them.  We do not collect taxes on behalf of the federal / provincial / state governments of any other countries.

I'm in Europe and have a European billing address.  Do I need my VAT number on my receipts?


Again, we don't collect taxes on behalf of any European countries' federal governments (or for any other countries around the world).  We do NOT require your VAT number when you make any purchase or renewal through Hover.  Since we don't collect any VAT taxes from you, we don't need your VAT number.  This means they don't show on your receipts from Hover.

Would you ever need my VAT number?

Depending on the type of domain you register, in the case where the operating registry requires the VAT number due to residency requirements, you may sometimes need your VAT number to enter along with the rest of the info in your new domain registration.

As far as billing goes?  No, we would never need your VAT number and we don't need it for any other purpose.

What's your physical address?  My office needs it when I submit receipts.

We've recently updated our receipts to show this info more clearly as well as display our HST/GST number, so these are now included for you on all receipts.  You can also print these receipts for your records from within your account in the Receipts section.

For your records, we're located in Toronto, Canada.  This is what will show on your receipt as where your money was paid to:

Paid to

Tucows.com Co d/b/a Hover

96 Mowat Ave. Toronto, Ontario M6K 3M1

HST/GST# 87321 5321 RT0001

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