Updating billing information

To ensure renewals and registrations are processed as expected, we suggest keeping your account's billing information up to date. Your account can store a credit card on file or use an alternative payment method like PayPal or Apple Pay. We also offer an account balance that you can add funds to as needed.

If you have further questions about billing, we've got you covered.

Accessing your billing information

  1. Sign in to your Hover Control Panel. 1._Hover_control_panel_sign_in.png

  2. Click on Settings from the navigation bar. 2._Navigation_bar_-_settings.jpg
  3. On the settings page, you will see the billing info section.

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Adding your preferred payment method

  1. In the billing info section, press Set up payment.
  2. Select the radial button for your preferred payment method.
    Note: Selecting PayPal or Apple Pay will prompt a separate login screen. 
  3. Enter your billing details then press Continue.6._Fill_in_billing_info__1_.png
  4. Click inside the box to agree to the cardholder agreement then press Save changes.

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Updating your payment method

  1. In the billing info section, press Edit.
  2. Press Delete to remove the billing method on file, then add the desired payment method.
    Note: We recommend fully deleting the outdated billing info rather than editing as editing may cause errors.

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Adding Account Balance funds

Adding funds to your Hover account balance is a great way to ensure funds are available for upcoming orders.

The Hover account balance will be the primary source to pay for all orders. If the account balance is not enough to cover the order, the remaining funds will be collected from the payment method on file. 

Note: Account balance transactions are non-refundable.

  1. On the settings page, locate the account balance section then press Add funds.
  2. Select your desired USD amount and click Continue.
  3. Click inside the box to agree to the Terms of Services then press Submit order.

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Using PayPal for your payment method

At Hover, you can use a PayPal account to register new services or renew existing services.

The PayPal account must have a credit card on file as a backup payment option. PayPal requires a credit card for recurring payments from any vendor, and Hover services are annual recurring payments.

  1. In the billing info section, press Set up payment or Edit if a payment method already exists.
  2. Click on the radial button to the left of PayPal, then press the blue PayPal check out button.14._PayPal_-_select_paypal__1_.png
  3. Enter your PayPal account details in the pop-up prompt then press Log in.15._PayPal_-_log_in.png
  4. Select the desired debit or credit card associated with the PayPal account then press Continue.16._PayPal_-_select_credit_card.png
  5. Click on Agree & continue.
  6. The PayPal window will close then PayPal will be set up for the Hover account.18._PayPal_-_confirmation_.png

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Using Apple Pay for your payment method

Apple Pay can be used as the payment method for your Hover account; however, specific hardware and software requirements will need to be met. 

While Hover Support can assist with most payment issues, Apple Pay's special requirements make it difficult for us to troubleshoot.

  1. In the billing info section, press Set up payment or Edit if a payment method already exists.19._Apple_pay_-_set_up_billing_info.png
  2. Select the radial button to the left of Apple pay then press Pay.20._select_apple_pay__1_.png
  3. The following prompt will appear on Safari, confirm the payment on your iPhone to use Apple Pay as the payment method.

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