How to: Point your domain to Unbounce

This tutorial will show you how to point your Hover domain name at your hosted website.

1) Set up the correct DNS record in your Hover account

2) Add your domain to your Unbounce account

Setup Hover DNS

Sign into your Hover account, and select your domain.

In the DNS tab, click ADD NEW.

Setup Hover DNS


Under Hostname enter "www", or any other hostname, to use as a sub-domain.

Under Record Type choose "CNAME".

Under Target Host enter

Click SAVE.


CNAME record is now added

CNAME record is now added

The CNAME is now added and you should be able to see it listed under your DNS tab.

You are done!

Changes to your domain name usually take a few hours to propogate across the internet. In some cases it can take up to 48 hours.

Add your domain to Unbounce

1.) Log in to Unbounce

2.) Select the sub-account where you want to add your custom domain

3.) Open the Domains tab from the side navigation bar

4.) Click Add a Domain

Add your domain to Unbounce


5.) Select the type of custom domain, either a root domain or a sub-domain (depending on what you put as the hostname on the CNAME record you just created in your Hover account).

If you chose the hostname "www" or "@" for your CNAME record, select A root domain, if you chose something else as the hostname, then select A sub-domain.

6.) Enter your domain name


7.) Click Add Domain to confirm

Tell your Landing Pages to Use Your Domain in Unbounce

Lastly, you need to tell your landing pages which address (URL) you want them to show up at.


1.) Navigate to the Page Overview for the relevant landing page

2.) Click Change URL on the upper left of the page

3.) Select the domain you wish to use for this page from the domain drop down menu.

4.) Customize your landing page's final URL as desired.

5.) Click Change URL to save your changes.


Your setup is complete!

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