How to: Use your domain with Tumblr

This tutorial will show you how to point your Hover domain name to Tumblr.

  1. Visit and sign in with your Hover username and password.

  2. If you have more then one domain name in your account, click on the domain name that you are using with Tumblr to take you to the Domain Details page.

  3.  Verify that your Nameservers are set to and

    * Changes to the nameservers can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours to propagate.
  4. Click on the DNS tab.

  5. To point your domain at Tumblr, mouse over the @ and * entries for your domain's A records individually and click on edit DNS.

  6. Then enter Tumblr's IP address:

    Click Save.

    * Changes to DNS records can take up to 15 minutes to propagate. 

  7. Your DNS records should look  like this:

  8. Visit and login with your email address and password.

  9.  Click on Settings at the top right-hand corner.

  10. 1. Select your blog.

    2. Click Use a custom domain name.

    3. Enter your Hover domain name.

    4. Click Test your domain.

  11.  A message will be displayed stating Your domain is pointing to Tumblr.



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    Brian Joergens

    I think you also have to click "SAVE" on the top right to confirm that you want to use the new domain name.  

  • 0
    Scott Knauer

    Once upon a time, I recall seeing the custom domain name settings when signed in to Tumblr. But today, it appears they are no longer present in my dashboard using the steps outlined in this article. Can anyone please advise how to set this up now?

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    Scott Knauer

    Please disregard my previous question about custom domain name setup in Tumblr. I've attached a screenshot to help anyone else out who might be stuck since Tumblr has changed since the creation or last modification of this help article.

  • 0
    Blair M

    Hi Scott,

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention.  We're in the process of updating our help articles to match our new website look, and we will be sure to get new Tumblr screen shots for this article as well when we update this one.

    Thanks again!

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