CalDAV and CardDAV Synchronization for Thunderbird

In order to sync via CalDAV, you must first install the "Lightning" add-on for Thunderbird.

Installing the Lightning add-on

1.) Click the Tools menu.

2.) Click Add-ons.

3.) In the search box, search for "Lightning".

4.) Click Install.

5.) Once install is complete, restart Thunderbird when prompted.


NOTE: Lightning must be installed in order to use CalDAV

Syncing Thunderbird with CalDAV calendar

Click Create a new calendar.

Syncing Thunderbird with CalDAV calendar


Select On the Network. Then click Next.


Select CalDAV.


Enter the Location as


Click Next.


You must now choose the following for the new calendar:

  • Name
  • Color
  • Which email account to sync to

Click Next.


Your calendar is now complete. Click Finish.

Syncing Thunderbird with CardDAV contacts

To use CardDAV to sync your Hover contacts with Thunderbird you need the following:

A recent version of the Thunderbird email client

The SOGo Connector Thunderbird extension (which you can download here: )

First thing you need to do is install the extension in Thunderbird. Download the most recent version to your local system first.

Open Thunderbird and select Tools > Add-ons.

Syncing Thunderbird with CardDAV contacts


Click the gear icon, and then select Install Add-on From File...


Browse to the downloaded extension and proceed with the installation. Click Install Now.


Click Restart Now.


Click on Tools, then select Address Book.


Click File, then click New, and then select Remote Address Book.


Enter the following info:

Name: A custom name identifying the new remote address book

URL: (where "youremailaddress" is your full Hover email address)


Right-click on the new Address Book you just created, and then select Synchronize.


Thunderbird will ask you for the user name and password of your Hover email.

For User Name, enter your full email address.

For Password, enter your Hover email password.

Then click OK.


Your Hover contacts have now been synchronized with your Thunderbird.

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