Setting up other mail providers

If you have considered another provider's services, you can keep your domain hosted through Hover and connect directly to their services. These setups will often include adding your domain through their platform and making DNS changes to your domain.

Note: The domain will need to be using Hover's nameservers to manage DNS entries through Hover. By using another provider's nameservers, you will need to update your DNS through their services.

Verify domain through service provider.

Verify your domain through Mailchimp.
Verify your domain through GSuite.
Verify your domain through Office365.

Complete DNS updates through Hover.

Add custom DKIM and SPF records for Mailchimp.
Add MX records for GSuite.
Add MX records for Office365.

How to contact each service provider.

Contact Mailchimp support.
Contact GSuite support.
Contact Office365 support.

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