Unable to receive emails

When using any email services it's possible you may run into issues where you are unable to receive inbound email. We have got you covered in case you run into an issue with receiving inbound emails.

Verify mailbox password in Webmail

The easiest way to test what might be the source of the problem is to attempt to log into your Hover mailbox through Webmail.

  1. Go to Hover's webmail portal and enter your email address and password and click Login.


  2. If you are unable to log into your mailbox update your mailbox password. If you are able to log into webmail, proceed with the next steps for further troubleshooting.

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Check server settings through your email client

If you are able to receive emails through Webmail but not through an email client on your computer or mobile phone you will want to confirm that your email server settings are inputted correctly. 

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Confirm your domains MX record

In order for you to be able to receive emails, Hover's MX DNS record will need to be added to the correct DNS panel.

  1. Sign in to the Hover Control Panel.


  2. You can confirm your domain's current name servers through your domain's Overview page.


  3. If you are using Hover's name servers, you can check your DNS records by going to the DNS panel.


  4. Under your DNS section, you will want to make sure Hover's MX record has been added.


If your nameservers are not pointing to Hover's nameservers, your DNS records are being managed by a third-party provider. You will want to ensure Hover's MX record is added to where your nameservers are pointing to.

Type MX
Hostname @
Priority 10
Mail Server mx.hover.com.cust.hostedemail.com
TTL 15 minutes

Note: DNS propagation after making changes can take up to 24-48 hours.

Add email addresses to approved senders list

If you are not able to receive from a specific email address you will first want to add the email address to your approved sender's list.

  1. Sign in to Hover's Webmail portal.


  2. Click Settings within Webmail.


  3. Click Spam Settings from the Settings page.


  4. Type in the address that you are not receiving emails from in the Allowed Senders field and click Save.

    Note: You can allowlist the entire range of email addresses coming from one domain by putting an asterisk (*) before the at (@) symbol.


  5. If you still do not receive emails from the sender, check to see if they receive a bounceback email. This bounceback email can be provided to Hover customer support for further investigation. It is possible that the IP address they are sending from is also blocklisted. This would also require assistance from Hover customer support to get removed.

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