I can send email but cannot receive

If your email address can send outbound messages but cannot receive, please check through the following potential issues.

Verify correct password by signing into webmail

The first step would be signing into Hover's webmail portal to confirm the correct password.

When arriving at the webmail login page, you will be prompted to enter your email address and password, followed by clicking Login.


By successfully signing into webmail, you have confirmed your correct password for the mailbox. 

If you are unable to sign into webmail, it would be advised to sign in to your Hover account to update your mailbox password.

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Confirm the server settings through your email client

After verifying your mailbox's correct password by signing into webmail, it would now be recommended to check the settings through your email client.

If you are unable to receive inbound messages through your email client or mobile device but can receive through webmail, you should now check your email client's server settings.

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Confirm your domain has Hover's MX record

For your domain's Hover mail services to function correctly, our MX DNS entry will need to be associated with your domain.

Your domain's name servers determine where your DNS records are managed. You can confirm your domain's current name servers through your Overview page.


If you are using Hover's name servers, you can confirm your DNS records by checking the DNS section.


By default, all Hover domains are provided our default DNS entries, which includes our MX record.


If you are using another provider's name servers, you will need to sign in to your account through their services and confirm whether your domain's MX record points to Hover. 

Type MX
Hostname @
Priority 1
Mail Server mx.hover.com.cust.hostedemail.com
TTL 15min

Note: DNS updates can take up to 24 hours to complete propagation, so after updating your domain's MX record, we would suggest allowing up to six hours for propagation to process.

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