How to: Configure Hover email in Mozilla Thunderbird for Mac

This tutorial will step you through configuring your Hover email address in Mozilla Thunderbird 13 for Mac OS X.

  1. Open Mozilla Thunderbird.  Click on the Tools menu and select Account Settings.

  2. Click on Account Actions and select Add Mail Account.

  3. Enter the following:

    Your name:  Type your name as you wish it to appear when you send email.
    Email address:  Type your Hover email address
    Password:  Type your Hover email password.

    Click Continue.

  4. Thunderbird will try to configure settings automatically using its ISP database.  Click on the Manual Config button.

  5. Enter the following settings, as pictured below:

    Username:  Enter your full Hover email address

    Select IMAP after the Incoming mail server name.  Although we recommend using IMAP, POP3 can also be used.

    Incoming port number:  993 (995 if you are using POP3 instead of IMAP)
    Outgoing port number:  465

    Incoming security:  SSL/TLS
    Outgoing security:  SSL/TLS

    Authentication needs be set to Normal password for both incoming and outgoing mail.

    Once these settings have been entered, click on Create Account.

  6. If you have set up an IMAP account, you can right click on the email address and select Subscribe to choose which mail folders to display.

    Select the folders you want displayed and then click the Subscribe button.

  7. Thunderbird has been fully configured for your Hover email account.  Your messages will be downloaded.

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