Buying and managing your email accounts

Hover offers add-on domain-based email services. A domain-based email address can be a great way to professionally showcase your brand, as well as add credibility and consistency in mail deliverability.

Choosing an email service

Hover has three email services to choose from, each intended to meet a specific need.

The small and big mailboxes include access to our private ad-free webmail client, the ability to use IMAP and POP for third-party client setup, mail forwarding, vacation auto-responder, and built-in top-of-the-line anti-virus and spam protection.

Email addresses created under the mail forward service require an existing active email address to function. All emails are forwarded to this already active email address. Since a mail forward is not a traditional mailbox, you cannot directly send an email or reply from it. Any email replied to will appear to be coming from the forwarded-to address.

Mailbox type Storage size


Mail forward Not applicable

Get a professional email that forwards to your existing email.

$5 per year
Small mailbox 10GB

Perfect if you're just getting started with email for your domain name, with options to grow.

$20 per year
Big mailbox 1TB (1000GB)

You already know how email works for your brand, but your business needs more space. Seriously big - 1,000GB.

$29 per year

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Purchasing your mailbox

You can purchase your mailbox during the registration of your domain as well as after registration. 

During registration

  1. Once you've added the desired domain to your shopping cart and you're ready to checkout, select the type of mail service that you'd like to add on by choosing the+, followed by Secure checkout
  2. If you already have an account with Hover, select Use an existing account to log in using your chosen method of 2FA. If you don't have an account yet, fill out the account registration information followed by Continue.
  3. Fill out the registration information for the domain and email services. Check the box I have read and agree to the terms of service, followed by Continue.
  4. Ensure the Billing information is correct; select Edit to update if not. Check the box I have read and agree to the terms of service, followed by Submit order

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After registration

You can easily purchase your mailbox after you have registered a domain.

Note: Hover will always sync the expiry of mailboxes with the domain name they are associated with, so we'll pro-rate the cost for you automatically during checkout.

  1. Sign in to your Hover control panel using your chosen method of 2FA.
  2. Select Emails from the navigation bar, followed by the + button.
  3. Select the mailbox type from the dropdown, the number of mailboxes, followed by Add to cart.
  4. Ensure the prices reflect what the pro-ration should be based on your domain's expiry date, followed by Secure checkout. You can also change the number of mailboxes you wish to purchase here by using the - or + buttons. 
  5. Ensure account information is correct; select Edit to update if not. Check the box I have read and agree to the terms of service, followed by Submit order.
  6. Click Manage my domain to continue creating your email address.

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Creating your email address

Once you have purchased your mailbox, you then need to create the email address associated with it. 

  1. Click on Emails from the navigation bar.
  2. Select the green link, which indicates the mailbox type you've purchased.
  3. When creating a mail forward, enter your desired forward name, and forward to address (the existing email address to forward to), followed by Create forward. You can change your mail forward name at any time. 
  4. When creating a small or big mailbox, enter your desired mailbox name and password, followed by Create mailbox. Optionally, you can enable forwarding to send messages to an existing email. You can change your mailbox name at any time. 

    Note: Passwords must be at least 10 characters in length and include at least one number, one special symbol, and one capitalized letter. We also highly suggest using a different password than your Hover account. Allowed characters are: a-z, 0-9, and !@\$^,.~|=-+_{}#

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Managing your email

Now that you've set up your mailbox and created your email address, you're ready to start using and managing it. 

To start sending and receiving your email, you can navigate to Hover's webmail platform.

You can also use Hover's mail servers to set up your account on your favorite mail client. 

You can manage many aspects of your email mailbox within the Hover control panel.

  1. Log in to your Hover control panel
  2. Select Emails from the navigation menu, followed by Edit. You can update your email password, edit the mailbox name, and enable or disable forwarding.

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Deleting your email address and mailbox

Deleting your email address will not remove the mailbox. The mailbox will still be available to use unless it is removed. 

Deleting your email address

  1. To delete the email address, click Emails from the navigation bar.
  2. Select the green X to delete the email address.
  3. Click Delete to confirm the deletion.
  4. You will now see the email address is removed, but the mailbox remains available.

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Removing your mailbox

There are two ways to fully remove your unused or unwanted mailbox. You can disable auto-renew on the mailbox to prevent renewal or manually renew your domain and remove it via the shopping cart.

Note: If you want to keep your email messages, ensure you have the mailbox content backed up via an email client before any deletion occurs. There is no guarantee the emails will still be available for restoration once the mailbox is deleted. 

Disabling mailbox auto-renewal

  1. To disable auto-renew on your mailbox to prevent renewal, click on Emails from the navigation bar.
  2. Select the auto-renewal icon.
  3. Click Proceed to confirm the disabling of auto-renew.
  4. The mailbox auto-renew icon will now be grey to signify it is disabled.

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Removing mailbox during a manual domain renewal

To fully remove the mailbox, you can manually renew your domain instead of auto-renewing. This is especially important for unused mailboxes and hence doesn't have an auto-renewable option.

  1. Navigate to the domain's overview page, followed by Renew.
  2. Select the-to remove the unused mailbox from the domain renewal shopping cart, followed by Secure checkout.
  3. Follow the checkout process to complete the domain renewal minus the unused mailbox. Click Edit if any changes need to be made. Check the box I have read and agree to the terms of service, followed by Submit order.

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Troubleshooting common email issues

There are a few common reasons why your email may not work after you've recently created it.

Ensuring the use of Hover's nameservers

The nameservers dictate the service provider that is managing your DNS. If your nameservers are set to anything other than Hover's ( and, you are likely using another company to manage your domain's DNS records. If this is the case, you'll need to add Hover's MX record where you manage your DNS.

  1. Sign in to your Hover control panel using your chosen method of 2FA.
  2. From the domain overview page, scroll to the Nameservers section. Ensure the nameservers are set to the Hover defaults, and
  3. If your nameservers are not pointing to Hover, you'll need to add the MX record where you manage your DNS (where the nameservers point to). 
    Type: MX
    Hostname: @
    Priority: 10
    Mail Server:
    TTL 15 minutes (default)

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Ensuring the use of Hover's MX record

A Mail exchange record (MX) dictates the email service provider to send any incoming mail for your domain. We add your MX records by default when you register a new domain through Hover. If you transfer in a domain, register an aftermarket domain, or your nameservers point to a third-party DNS management service, you may find your MX records not entered correctly. 

Note: If you see an MX record other than Hover's, ensure you don't have email services active with another provider. You can only have one mail provider per domain, hence one MX record, so you may be required to choose between the two.

  1. Sign in to your Hover control panel using your chosen method of 2FA.
  2. Click Domains on the navigation bar, and select the domain in question, followed by the DNS tab.
  3. Ensure you have the following record in your DNS record list.
  4. If the Hover MX record is missing or incorrect, you must add it by clicking on Add a record.
    Type: MX
    Hostname: @
    Priority: 10
    Mail Server:
    TTL 15 minutes (default)
    Former VistaPrint customers are on our Enhanced Email cluster B server.
    Type: MX
    Hostname: @
    Priority: 10
    Mail Server:
    TTL 15 minutes (default)

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