How to: Install Mozilla Thunderbird and configure Hover email

The following Thunderbird installation tutorial was created using Thunderbird 13 on a Windows 7 machine.  These instructions will vary if you are installing a different version of Thunderbird or you are using a different operating system on your computer.

To download, install, and configure your Hover email in Mozilla Thunderbird please complete the following steps:

  1. Click here to visit the Thunderbird download website.  To start downloading the installation program, click on the Free Download link on the Thunderbird website.

  2. Depending on your web browser, you may be be presented with a run or save file option.  If you are asked to save the file, save it to a location on your computer where you can find and open the file later.  Alternatively, if you are presented with a run option, choose to run the downloaded file automatically.

  3. In this example, I downloaded the file using Mozilla Firefox and then I double clicked on the downloaded file to run the set up program.

  4. Your web browser may give you a security warning when you open the file.  If you receive a warning like the example above, click on the Run option.

  5. The installation program will begin by extracting the downloaded installation file.

  6. Windows Vista and Windows 7 users will receive a User Account Control security warning.  Click Yes to proceed with the installation.

  7. The Mozilla Thunderbird Setup wizard will be launched.  Click Next to proceed,
  8. Click Next to install the standard features and set Thunderbird as your default mail application.  Advanced users can select the Custom option to choose individual options that they want to install.

  9. Click on Install to begin the Thunderbird installation.

  10. Wait for the installation to be completed.

  11. Click Finish to exit the setup wizard and launch Mozilla Thunderbird.

  12. Click on the Skip this and use my existing email button.

  13. Next, your Hover email account needs to be configured.  Thunderbird will automatically present you with the Mail Account Setup window pictured above.  Type in your name as you wish it to appear on your sent email messages, your Hover email address, and your Hover password.  Click Continue.

  14. Thunderbird will attempt, and likely fail, to configure your email settings automatically.  Click on the Manual Config button to skip this process.

  15. As pictured below, enter the following settings:

    Username:  Enter your full Hover email address

    Select IMAP after the Incoming mail server name.  Although we recommend using IMAP, POP3 can also be used.

    Incoming port number:  993 (995 if you are using POP3 instead of IMAP)
    Outgoing port number:  465

    Incoming security:  SSL/TLS
    Outgoing security:  SSL/TLS

    Authentication needs be set to Normal password for both incoming and outgoing mail.

    Once these settings have been entered, click on Create Account.

    Note - Thunderbird 13 users may receive an error if they try to re-test these settings even after the settings are entered perfectly.  The settings above should work after clicking on Create Account.  It is not necessary to re-test the settings.  Please ignore any errors when testing the settings prior to creating the account.
  16. A System Integration window will prompt you to set Thunderbird as your default mail client.  Click OK.

  17. Thunderbird will connect to the Hover email server and start downloading your email messages and folders. 

    Your Hover email account configuration has been completed!


    After downloading Thunderbird the Menu Bar may not be displayed by default.  In order to show the menu bar you must Right Click in the blank space at the top of the program and check the option for Menu Bar.  

    Now you have the options for File, Edit, View, Go, Message, Tools, and Help. 

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