How to: Use Hover email with Gmail

Many people enjoy sending all of their email from multiple email accounts all into one Gmail account. There are a couple of ways to accomplish this, and each has their own advantages and disadvantages. Using a variety of methods, we can set up email accounts which are created on Hover to be sent to your own Gmail account, and also configure that Gmail account to allow you to send from your Hover email account as well.


One important thing to note is that it is not possible to perform all of these tasks using a Hover “Forward Only” email account, shown on While this type of account will let you forward to any email address, including a Gmail account, that is the only function of a Forward Only account and they cannot be used as the sender address from within Gmail.


Let's get started setting this up!


The following instructions apply only to Hover email accounts categorized as either a “Small Mailbox” or “Big Mailbox”, but cannot be performed using a “Forward Only” account.

How to: Use Gmail to retrieve email stored in your Hover account using POP3

The most common way to get messages from your Hover inbox (all existing messages in the Inbox, and any messages which get sent at a later time) and into your Gmail account is to allow Gmail to make a POP3 (Post Office Protocol) connection to the Hover email server. Gmail will require the Hover server information to make that connection.


1. To begin, sign into your Gmail account by visiting, and and entering your Gmail address and password. Once you sign in, click the Settings icon in the upper right corner of the interface and select Settings from the drop-down menu.


2. Clicking on the Settings option, brings up a new menu with several pages of options. Click on Accounts to find the option to Check mail from other accounts:.

Click on the link Add a mail account,to begin adding a POP3 connection to your Hover email account.

Screen_Shot_2018-06-13_at_10.25.43_AM.png3. This brings up a new window which prompts you to enter your email address. Enter your email address and click the Next button.

4. This brings us to the page shown below where you will need to enter the POP3 server settings to allow Gmail to sign into Hover's POP3 servers with your account and retrieve emails.


This form often comes with a default value in the Username and POP Server section, but those should be removed and replaced with the following values instead.

Username: (enter your Hover email address)

Password: (enter the password for your Hover email address)

POP Server:

Port: 995 (if SSL is enabled); 110 (if SSL is disabled).


It's a good idea to also make sure to check off Leave a copy of retrieved message on the server. When using a POP3 connection, from any platform, the client that you are using will remove all emails from your Inbox on Hover, leaving those emails no longer in your Inbox. While this may be useful in some scenarios, most of the time this can lead to problems later on. It's advisable to make sure that the Leave a copy of retrieved message on the server option is selected to make sure that any email which is pulled in from Gmail, using a POP3 connection, generates a backup copy of that message to place back in the Inbox of your account as well.

The option Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail is also something which is very useful. This makes sure the username and password you had entered is encrypted every time Gmail attempts to connect to Hover to pull in your emails.

Once all of the settings have been entered, your settings should look similar to those displayed on the image shown above at which time you can then click Add Account

5. You're brought to a confirmation page, if all data is entered correctly, which displays "Your mail account has been added.” It gives you the option to also send email from the same Hover email account, but you can select No from here, and click the Finish button to allow Gmail to begin pulling in everything from your Hover inbox. Depending on how many emails you had in your Hover account, this may take Gmail some time to finish up.


Optional: Speed up email delivery to Gmail by Forwarding

For many users, this will be enough to get all of your messages, but there are a few notable problems that can come up for some users. First, Gmail will only check POP3 connections every 60 minutes unless you manually force Gmail to pull in email between 60 minute intervals. We can correct for this by making emails get sent over to your Gmail account using email forwarding from within your Hover email account settings.

1. Sign into Webmail at

2. Click on Settings

3. Go to Mail Forwarding. We can use this menu to set up automatic email forwarding to Gmail which will make it arrive at a much quicker rate in most instances.

4. Make sure to select Enabled and to enter your Gmail address in the Forwarding Recipients option.


It's a good idea to allow Keep local copy to be enabled as well. If you ever need a backup of messages that you normally would manage through your Gmail account, this keeps them stored in your Hover email.


5. Click “Save” to ensure that your email forwarding is finalized.

Email forwarding may be preferred by some users, mostly because it is a lot faster than using a POP3 connection to get your emails. However, the main advantage of using a POP3 connection within your Gmail interface is to pick up any emails which were unable to be forwarded by Hover if they were blocked by our outgoing spam filter. Using both methods, both forwarding to Gmail and having Gmail retrieve messages through a POP3 connection will better facilitate a connection between the two accounts.

Optional: Include your Spam in emails retrieved by Gmail

Often there are emails which get filtered by Hover's spam filter as soon as they get to your account. They are immediately put into your Spam folder and there is no attempt to forward messages which have been classified as spam. However, there are some users who wish to turn off Spam filtering and have all messages placed in their Gmail account.


Since the POP3 connection in Gmail will pull in everything from your Inbox, you can change your Webmail settings within your Hover email account so that all spam messages are stored in your Inbox rather than in your Spam folder, which allows Gmail to retrieve them using the POP3 connection.


To change your Webmail spam settings, first sign into Webmail.

1. Visit and sign into your email account.

2. Click on Settings.

3. Within the Settings page, select Spam Settings from the options on the left menu panel.

4. The Spam Folder needs to be changed from “Default” to “INBOX”

Gmail will then be able to pull in anything which had been previously filtered out and categorized as spam by Hover's spam filters. There is an image below which shows how your Webmail spam settings would look.


How to: Send emails from Gmail using your Hover email address

Often you'll want to send replies to messages which are sent to your Hover email account, and make sure that you are replying from the same email account that the messages had originally been sent to. Gmail has an option that allows you to connect to the Hover SMTP Servers to allow you to send through their interface using your Hover email account.

1. To get started, we go back to the Accounts menu in Gmail.


2. From the Accounts and Imports menu, navigate to the Send mail as: section and click Add another email address link. Note: if you are using a forward-only account, you will be unable to use the Send mail as: feature because there is mailbox attached to the email address.


3. A new menu pops up and asks you to enter your email address. Ensure that you enter the Name that you wish to be displayed to other people who receive emails sent from your Hover email address. Enter your email address in the next field, and ensure that Treat as an alias remains unchecked (do not select this option). Click Next Step to proceed.


4. Gmail then required that you enter the Hover SMTP server settings requried to connect to our servers so that they can send email from your account for you. These need to be configured with the following server settings, also displayed in the image below.

SMTP Server:

Port: 465

Username: (your Hover email address)

Password: (the password corresponding to your Hover email address)

Click Add Account.


5. Google will ask you to verify you are the owner of the email account that you are adding SMTP settings for, as seen in the following image.


To complete Google's verification, visit and sign into your Hover email account.

You should receive an email that looks like the one below.


There are two methods to complete the verification. First, you can click on the large link following the text that says “please click the link below to confirm your request”. This is the quickest method.

However, you can also copy the “Confirmation code” presented above it and use it in the Gmail dialog box (seen in the previous image) and click the Verify button.


After completing the verification process from Google, you will then be able to send email from your Gmail account using your Hover email address.

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