Mail server settings for email clients

Hover mail can be set up using third-party email clients like Outlook, Apple Mail, and Mozilla Thunderbird on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Hover supports an IMAP or POP connection only. Microsoft Exchange is not supported.

Mail setup in a client can only be achieved using a small or big traditional mailbox. Mail forwards cannot be used with mail clients.

We do not directly support the setup of third-party email clients.

Getting started

Logging in to the Hover webmail will verify the correct mailbox password. This is an important first step to ensure the login credentials used in a mail client are correct.

  1. Navigate to Hover's webmail portal. Enter your email address and password, followed by Login. If the login is unsuccessful, update the mailbox password.

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Mail server settings

Email services can be connected to your email client software using an IMAP or POP3 connection.  Specific setting information is required for the email software to function correctly.  

Incoming mail server

Outgoing mail server

Username Full email address

Full email address

Incoming port 993


Outgoing port 465


Encryption settings SSL/TLS


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Former VistaPrint customers email client info

Former VistaPrint customers are on our Enhanced Email cluster B server.
Important: Former Vistaprint email accounts can be accessed on any browser using the link


Your full email address


Your full email address


Password Your email password Your email password
Inbound and Outbound mail server hostname
Inbound port (SSL) 993 995
Outbound port (SSL) 465  465

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Instructions for popular email clients

We have provided links to the most popular third-party email client products as a courtesy. We do not directly support the setup of third-party email clients. If you require further assistance with using these clients, you will need to refer to the support links provided or reach out to the vendor support portal.

Mail client

Setup page

Vendor support

Outlook for desktop

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft support

Windows 10 mail for desktop

Windows 10 mail

Microsoft support

Apple Mail - MacMail

Apple Mail

Apple support

Thunderbird for desktop


Mozilla support

iOS mobile - iPhone and iPad

iPhone and iPad

Apple support

Samsung mobile for desktop


Samsung support

Gmail for desktop

Gmail sending

Gmail receiving

Google Gmail support

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