How to: Transfer a domain from Network Solutions

This tutorial will step you through preparing a domain at Network Solutions for a transfer to Hover.

Warning - if you rely on Network Solutions' DNS services for custom DNS records, please contact Hover customer service so we can setup your DNS records in Hover before you transfer in so you do not experience any downtime on your domain's services.

This tutorial applies to the following top-level domains:

.com / .net / .info / .org / .tv / .us / .me / .biz / .tel

Other top-level domains, such as .ca domains, have a different transfer process. Please contact or give us a call at 1-866-731-6556 if you need help with the transfer of top-level domains not covered in this section.


Disable domain privacy

To disable domain privacy for a domain at Network Solutions

1. Visit and click  MANAGE ACCOUNT.



2. Log in with your Network Solutions User ID and password.



3. Click My Domain Names.



4. Locate the domain you want to transfer, and click Manage.



5. Scroll down to the Details section for the domain you want to transfer, and the click Turn Private Registration off.



6. Select Turn Private Registration off, and then click Go.



Domain privacy is now disabled.

Ensure that your administrative email contact is up-to-date

1. Click the Account Settings tab.



2. Scroll down to the User Profile section, and check that your email address is correct. If the address is out of date, click Edit User Profile.



3. Enter your current email address in the E-mail text field and then click Save.



4. Use a public whois website and check whether or not you need to update your domain's administrative contact email address. Here are two services you can use:



If your admin email address is out of date, it needs to be updated prior to the transfer.

If you do not need to update your administrative contact, you can skip to the section Unlock your domain name and get your transfer authorization code

5. If you need to update your administrative contact, click the Account Settings tab.



6. Click WHOIS Contacts.



7. Put a check next to the domain name being transferred, then click Edit.



8. Select WHOIS Administrative Contact then click Go.



9. Select Yourself (this is the user profile contact information you checked earlier) and then click on Continue.


Unlock your domain name and get your domain's transfer authorization code

1. Click the My Products & Services tab, and then click My Domain Names.



2. Locate the domain you want to transfer, and click Manage.



3. Scroll down to the Details section. Across from Transfer Lock, click Turn Off or Request Authorization Code.



4. Click Continue Transfer.



5. Click to put a check in the box to acknowledge that you want to continue with the transfer, and then click Continue Transfer.



6. Click Request Authorization Code.



7. Select Leave Domain Protect off, click to put a check in the box beside Request Authorization Code, and then click Save.



Your authorization code will be sent by email to your account profile email address.

8. Check your email  Inbox for a message from Network Solutions and record your authorization code.


Initiate your domain transfer through

  1. Visit and click on Transfer.

    save image

    Or, go directly to

    If you already have an account, sign in here

    Once you're signed in, You can then click on Transfer at the top of the page.

  2. Enter the domain to be transferred, and click on the Double Arrow (check) button.

    save image

  3. A step-by-step transfer process screen will appear. Depending on your registration service provider, there will be up to 3 steps listed:

    Domain privacy status
    Admin email confirmation
    Domain lock status

    If the step has an orange exclamation mark (!) symbol in the status then this indicates that the step needs to be completed to continue.  A green check indicates that the step has been completed.

    Click on Send approval email to confirm the admin email address.

    save image

  4. Once you receive this email, use the Agree button after entering your initials. If the button does not work, you can use the link just below it. "This form is also available on the website". Once verified you will be redirected to the transfer-in page on It will look something like this:

  5. Once there are green checks next to each status item, click Add to cart to add the domain name to your shopping cart.

    save image

  6. Under Cart Summary, click Proceed to Cart.

    NOTE: The prices shown are examples only, and may not reflect current pricing.

    save image

  7. On the Shopping Cart page, enter the transfer authorization code that you should have from the domain provider you are transferring away from, and click Submit.

    Then click Secure Checkout.
    save image

  8. If you are not already signed in to a Hover account you will be asked to sign in or create an account.
    save image

    If you already have an account, click Sign in, and sign in with your Hover username and password. If you are a new customer, complete the required fields, and then click Create Account.

  9. Fill out your Full Name and Address as you would like them to appear in your domain registration records, and then click Continue.

    Note: This information must be correct and accurate to ensure you always have control over your domains.

    save image

  10. Enter your Billing Info.

    If you have billing information saved to your account, it will be automatically entered for you. As seen below, you can see the existing credit card is already chosen.

    If you want to use another card, choose Pay with a new credit card.

    If you want to pay using PayPal, choose Pay with PayPal.

    save image

  11. Fill in your name and address as they appear on your credit card statements (if using a credit card), then scroll down and enter your credit card number, card security code (CVV), and expiration date.

    If using PayPal, a window will open up for you to login to your PayPal account. When finished, you will be directed back to your order.

    Click Continue when finished.

    save image
  12. Put a check next to I have read and agree to the Terms of Service, and then click Submit Order. Before any order can be placed on our system, the terms of service must be agreed to first.

    save image

    Your domain will remain in a pending status until the transfer completes. You will see this on the Overview page in your account for this domain. 

    If you'd like to refresh the status and see if there's any update, you can click Check Progress.

    save image

Transfers can take anywhere up to 5-7 days to compete. If you have submitted a transfer and approved all the emails you received, and it has been longer than 7 days, please contact support and we can take a look at this for you and see what the issue may be.

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  • 0
    Seung Min Kim

    It seems like there is a missing step in the section "Approve the transfer (optional)".  After step 1, it is not clear how to get to the screen in step 2.  The way its written, a reader might expect there to be some kind of link of confirm button in the email from step 1 that would bring them to that.  

  • 0
    Michael Fich

    Hi Seung Min,

    I've read through the steps that you referenced and you're quite right, it does seem somewhat unclear.  Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

    I'm going to look into this to see if we can get this instruction guide edited, to make it more apparent how to transition between those two steps of approving your transfer.


  • 0
    Loqi Tamaroon

    Step 7 takes three days to complete!

    In the section "Unlock your domain name and get your domain's transfer authorization code", step 7 is a request for transfer authorization code. When I clicked "save" I got this message from the Network Solutions web interface: "Your request for an Auth Code has been received and your information will be validated to ensure the security of your account. If your request is approved, you will receive your Auth Code by email in 3 days."

    Wow. Thanks, Network Solutions.


  • 0
    Information Technology

    Also seeing the "you will receive your Auth Code by email in 3 days" message. Annoying as hell, and I am glad I am leaving NetSol. Anybody know of a mechanism to speed that up (phone call or anything).

  • 0
    Michael Fich

    Hi there,

    Unfortunately Network Solutions does take 72 hours to send you the Authorization Code.  I have heard from some of our customers who have transferred away from them that they were able to give Network Solutions a call and have this expedited by being persistent.  It's certainly worth a try, to see if their support staff can help you out.

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