.XXX registration requirements and legal types

.XXX is regulated by the ICM registry. The .XXX domain extension is reserved for those within the adult entertainment industry who are members of the Sponsored Community (SC), and only domains that are owned by certified members of the Sponsored Community will be allowed to resolve.

The Sponsored Community includes individuals, business, entities, and organizations that provide online, sexually-oriented adult entertainment intended for consenting adults or for other community members, represent providers, or provide products or services to providers and representatives.

When you register a .XXX domain, you are required to provide an ICM Membership identification number. If you don't already have a membership number, you can provide your name and email address on the registration form, and the ICM registry will email you with instructions on how to complete the Membership Application Process to verify that you are a member of the Sponsored Community and eligible to own a resolving .XXX domain.

The minimum registration period for .XXX domains is one year and the maximum is ten years.

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    Juanma Pérez Rabasco

    The ICM Registry provides a Token that have to be placed next to the domain. This is what the conformation email by ICM Registry says: "The next step is to log into your registrar account (e.g. GoDaddy, Enom, etc.) and provide the Membership Token next to your .XXX domain name(s). Once the token is associated, the .XXX domain name(s) will be activated and ready to use." Where should I provide this Token?

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    Brian Cabral

    Hi Juanma, I have replied to your email so you can reply with the token and I will make the update for you. 

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    Fabio Ogawa

    I have the same question. Where in hover do i input the token?

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