.IT registration requirements and legal types

.IT is the TLD for Italy.. All .IT registrations are for one year.

Note: There is no refund when you cancel a .IT domain name.

When you place an order for a .IT domain, you need to complete the following additional fields in the Registrant Contact Information section of the order form:

  • Entity Type — From the drop-down list, choose the category that best describes the Registrant:
    • Persons, Foreign and Italian
    • Italian Companies/One Man Companies
    • Italian Freelance Worker/Professionals
    • Italian Non-profit Organizations
    • Italian Other subjects
    • Non Italian, Non Persons
  • Nationality — This field is required if Entity Type is Persons, Foreign and Italian. From the drop-down list, choose the Registrant's nationality. The Registrant must be either resident of an EU nation or a citizen of an EU country. For example, a French citizen living in the U.S. can buy a .IT domain (Nationality=France, Country=United States), and a U.S. citizen living in France can also buy a .IT domain (Nationality=United States, Country=France), but an American living in the U.S. cannot buy a .IT domain.
  • VAT/Codice Fiscale — The value that you need to enter depends on the entity type of the registrant.
    • Italian citizens must enter their Codice Fiscale.
    • Non Italians can enter n.a.
    • Italian companies, freelancers and other subjects must enter their 11 digit VAT number or tax identification number.
    • Italian non-profit organizations must enter their VAT number or tax identification number; if they do not have one,they can enter n.a.
    • Non Italian entities other than persons (organizations, freelancers, companies, etc.) must enter their VAT number.


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    Samir Jain

    I'm having the same problem as Steffan.  Any thoughts on how to resolve?

  • 0
    Steffen Uhlig

    Any thoughts on how long it takes between finishing the checkout with you guys and the time when the .it domain is finally assigned to me? Is it hours, days, or weeks? Also, I can't find any record of my order (submitted an hour ago). I would have expected to see my order with some pending status or so ...

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    Tyson Acker

    Hi Steffen.  The .it domain should be assigned to you within a few minutes.  The registry voided the registration.  .It domains can be a little tricky sometimes, usually because of mismatches between the entity type and the name in the registration records.  I created a support ticket for you so you receive one on one help to fix the problem with the registration.

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    Manor Perets

    I had a similar problem and it indeed was a mismatch in some info. I reapplied with better data and it went through quickly.

    I think my issue was a mismatch when I selected non person and no proper VAT code. I reapplied as person and n.a. for VAT code, which is the right way to do it in my case.

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