.IT registration requirements and legal types

.IT is the TLD for Italy.. All .IT registrations are for one year.

Note: There is no refund when you cancel a .IT domain name.

When you place an order for a .IT domain, you need to complete the following additional fields in the Registrant Contact Information section of the order form:

  • Entity Type — From the drop-down list, choose the category that best describes the Registrant:
    • Persons, Foreign and Italian
    • Italian Companies/One Man Companies
    • Italian Freelance Worker/Professionals
    • Italian Non-profit Organizations
    • Italian Other subjects
    • Non Italian, Non Persons
  • Nationality — This field is required if Entity Type is Persons, Foreign and Italian. From the drop-down list, choose the Registrant's nationality. The Registrant must be either resident of an EU nation or a citizen of an EU country. For example, a French citizen living in the U.S. can buy a .IT domain (Nationality=France, Country=United States), and a U.S. citizen living in France can also buy a .IT domain (Nationality=United States, Country=France), but an American living in the U.S. cannot buy a .IT domain.
  • VAT/Codice Fiscale — The value that you need to enter depends on the entity type of the registrant.
    • Italian citizens must enter their Codice Fiscale.
    • Non Italians can enter n.a.
    • Italian companies, freelancers and other subjects must enter their 11 digit VAT number or tax identification number.
    • Italian non-profit organizations must enter their VAT number or tax identification number; if they do not have one,they can enter n.a.
    • Non Italian entities other than persons (organizations, freelancers, companies, etc.) must enter their VAT number.


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