FAQ: Hover premium domains

What are Premium domains?

Aftermarket Premium domains are domain names that somebody else has already registered and owns, but that they are willing to sell. They cost anywhere from a few hundred up to tens, and even hundreds, of thousands of dollars! Hover lists Aftermarket Premium domains for sale to a maximum price of about $10,000.

Premium domains are indicated by a gold star in domain search results. Pictured below, easypeasey.com is a premium domain listed for sale at $1500.00.


Why should I consider an Aftermarket Premium domain?

Premium domains often include "generic" words that would be great for a particular kind of business (e.g. sandwich, dry cleaning). They also are likely to be shorter, more descriptive, more professional and more memorable than the regularly available names.

Premium domains can help generate traffic and build brand awareness. Think of it as the same sort of investment you would make to trademark your company name or design a beautiful sign outside your shop.

How is buying an Aftermarket Premium domain different from registering a new domain?

Aftermarket Premium domains are purchased just like you would any other domain name. After the initial purchase, Aftermarket Premium domains renew at the regular price (not the premium price) for as long as you choose to keep it. We always let you know the renewal price as part of the Premium domain search result.

A few important notes:

Depending on the price of the domain, you may hear from us to confirm your purchase, so please provide us with a valid phone number when you checkout.

Since Premium domains are already registered and owned by someone else, when you purchase one, we first transfer ownership to you, and then we initiate a transfer of that domain into your Hover account. In many cases, thanks to special arrangements between the seller of the domain and the registrars involved (including Hover), that transfer can take place nearly instantly.

In other cases, depending on which registrar the seller is using and a few other factors, the transfer of the domain into your Hover account can take a few days, and even as long as a week to complete.

We don’t always know whether the transfer will complete quickly, or not. If it does take a few days, we check regularly and we email you to let you know as soon as the domain arrives in your account so you can start using it.

You can start your search for the perfect domain at Hover.com

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