Domains 101 - Video answers to your common questions

This article provides answers to common questions about searching for and using domain names.


I searched for my domain but it was taken.  What do I do?

Don't give up!

1) Consider other Top Level Domains (TLDs) such as .net, .co, .me, and .tv.  Internet users are getting used to letters other than com after the dot.  Some of these might even represent you better.
2) Consider the Domain Suggestions in your results.
3) Try, try again.  Search other words and phrases.  Play with a thesaurus.  Consider a hyphen.  Get creative.


My name is available.  Now what?

Fantastic!  Registering is easy.  You just have a few choices to make.  You can have email @ your domain.  It's more professional and memorable (than generic addresses) and promotes your domain. You can register for one year or as many as ten.  One year is good just to see if you like it.  But a longer term creates less concerns about renewing every year.


So what do I do with my domain anyway?

Put it to work.  You can quickly point it to something you already have, like a blog, an online resume or a photo page.  You can create your own simple site with one of the great (often free) site building tools out there.  Or you can get a hosting package and a designer and build something beautiful.  Your domain can easily work with any of these.  We can help.


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