Lost user account access - what can I do?

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Losing access to your user account can be frustrating. Luckily, there are a lot of things you can do to recover or reset your credentials.

Depending on the original circumstance of your contact information, you may be able to retrieve, recreate, or unlock that contact information (email address from an outside provider) so you can receive the Hover account password reset email.

Hover takes account security very seriously. If you're unable to recover, recreate or access the account contact email address on file to re-establish your account access, we may require you to send us a notarized affidavit for the name on your user account.

Do I always need a notarized affidavit to regain lost account access?

No.  Before going to the hassle and expense of obtaining a notarized affidavit, have a look through this list of scenarios below. You may find another way to regain access to your user account. 

1. Lost your Hover account password?  Request a password reset email here:

Step-by-step instructions here.

2. Lost your Hover account username? Have the username for your account sent to your account contact email address here:

Step-by-step instructions here.

3. I get an "email address not found" error when I request a password reset email or to have the username sent to me. The system says I don't have an account!

If you see the "email address not found" error, not to worry. This error means the email address you entered you isn't a contact email address on file on any Hover account.

The account contact email address is the contact info you saved in your account for us to contact you with. It's the address we send renewal reminders and Support contacts to. It could be your ISP address or another free provider that you used in the past before you bought domains or email services from us.

If you bought email services from us and were entering one of those addresses, this would be why you saw the error. Try the contact address you originally saved in the account before you bought the email service. This could immediately solve your access problem.

For legacy NetIdentity customers in Hover, the account contact email address on file with your Hover account probably isn't the personal name email address you pay for every year. If you haven't changed it, it would still be the contact email address you originally set up in the My Account area of the old NetIdentity system.

Try requesting the password reset email or the username reminder email with that contact info.  If you haven't changed it, that's the one that's still attached to your user account. This may immediately solve your access problem.

4. I don't have the username and password anymore and the email address on file is an old email provider (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, etc) that I'm locked out of.

All email providers have password reset/recovery instructions. Locate the link to their tool, so you can reset the password to that email account and gain access. Then you'll be able to receive a password reset email for your Hover user account.

Password reset/recovery options from some popular email providers that may help you:

5. My Hover user account email address on file is a free provider or ISP account that is closed/no longer exists. What can I do?

Most free provider email addresses can be recreated after they've been closed down for a period of time. To save you the time and cost of creating an affidavit to verify your identity, you could try creating that same email address again.

Check the free email provider first and see if the email address is available. This may easily solve the issue of not being able to receive the Hover password reset email and save you a LOT of time.

If you find your old account is still active, but you're locked out, try the password reset/recovery option for that free email provider and see if you can gain access that way. This will also save you a lot of time and effort. Check the list above for links to the recovery/reset options for a list of popular email providers.

For an old ISP email address, if you still use that same Internet provider (Internet Service Provider, ISP),those email address lockouts are easy to solve. Contact your ISP provider. Even if you haven't used the email account that goes with your Internet service for a long time, as a paying customer of that ISP, the email address is still yours. They can easily help you gain access to it.

Once you can login to that old email address, you'll be able to receive a Hover user account password reset email or username reminder email. This may immediately solve your access problem. 

6. The contact email address on file with my Hover account was from my friend's web hosting - I don’t use it anymore.

All is not lost here. Are they still in control of that domain? Do they still provide hosting services for it? If the answer is yes, you may have just found your solution. 

The easiest thing to do here is give them a quick call. Ask if they could temporarily recreate that same mailbox for you. If they're willing to do that for you, then you’ll be able to request a password reset for your Hover user account. Problem solved!

And, of course, once you've gained access to the Hover account, you can update the account email contact address to the email address you use now.

7.The user account for our company assets was created by a former employee I just fired and I don’t have the login credentials. The email address on file belonged to them and it’s based on our company domain.

There may be an easy solve in here for you if this is your situation.

If you have a company website based on your company's domain name, chances are good your current company network admin, webmaster or yourself are in control of that web hosting account. If you're also using them for your email service, the easiest thing to do would be to simply recreate the old employee's mail account temporarily.

Doing this would allow you to receive the password reset email from Hover, so you can gain access to the user account to work with your company domain name. Once you've gained access to the Hover account, you can update the account email contact address to an email address you use now. And while you're updating the contact details, another good idea is to create an email address that multiple people in your office can access. Then you'll never be stuck for access to your domain again in future.

Once the account contact email address has been updated in the Hover user account, you may delete that old admin's email address from your web hosting account again.

8. None of these situations apply to me. Is there anything else I can do?

Maybe. If you've exhausted all your options for verifying yourself as a Hover customer, please contact Hover customer support.

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