How To: Point Your Domain to

This tutorial will show you how to point your Hover domain name at your hosted website.

There are two steps that need to be performed to use your domain name with

  • Link your domain in your Format account
  • Connect your domain to Format in your Hover account


Link your domain in your Format account

  1. First, login to your account

  2. Go to your Format Settings, and choose Domain from the left side menu.

  3. Under Add your own Hover domain, type in your Hover domain (without www) and click Save Changes on the top right.

    save image

  4. Once the changes are saved, copy your Format Address for later.

    save image


Connect your domain to Format in your Hover account

  1. Sign into your Hover account here:

  2. If you only  have one domain, move to step 3 as you will already be on the Overview page. Otherwise, from the Your Account menu, choose Domains.


  3. Click on the domain you wish to connect with


  4. On the Overview page, in the Nameservers section, make sure the name servers are pointed to and

    : changing your nameservers may disrupt any domain forwards or email hosting services. If you need help editing your nameservers see: How to: Change your domain nameservers 

    save image

  5. Next, up to the right, click the Connect tab.


  6. Next scroll down to where you can see Format and click Select


  7. In the third step it will ask for your Format Address.

    Paste your Format Address into the box on your Hover account like so and then click Connect.


  8. Here is what you should see:

You are done!

The Format settings usually take a few hours to take effect. In some cases, it can take up to 24-48 hours.

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