FAQ: Valet Transfer Service

If you are planning to transfer your domain to Hover that hosts active services, such as web or email hosting, our Valet service would be worth considering.

What is a Valet transfer?

The Valet transfer is a free service provided by Hover, which offers assistance with transferring your domain to Hover without any loss of email or web-hosting services.

Valet transfers are managed by a dedicated team who will work with your domain to ensure all DNS records and other services are set up through Hover before initiating your transfer.

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When would I use a Valet transfer?

The Valet transfer is available if you are using the nameservers provided by your current provider, as they often would be de-activated after transferring away from their services.

If the domain is not using your current provider's nameservers or manages no active services, you can feel free to submit your inbound transfer to Hover.

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How do I start a Valet transfer?

To start the Valet transfer process, feel free to contact Hover, and provide the following details:

  • The domain to transfer to Hover, including the active hosted services (email, website.)
  • Login credentials for your current hosting provider.
  • The domain's auth-code and unlocked status.
  • Your Hover username.

Please outline any additional information when speaking with Hover to be provided to the Valet team for consideration. Valet transfers are a queued process and on average, take approximately two weeks to be completed.

However, the valet timeline can vary due to the unique circumstance of your particular domain and services. 

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What is the cost of a Valet transfer?

There is no cost associated with using Hover's Valet transfer process, but any standard transfer fees will be applied.

Most domains transferred to Hover are renewed for a single year, which can vary between domain extensions. The transfer renewal price varied with each TLD and displayed through Hover's domain pricing chart.

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How to transfer existing services to Hover?

If you have an email address with your current provider, you can set up the same email address through Hover's mail services.

The mailbox will be set up in advance of submitting your transfer, to ensure all messages are received and not returned to the sender during the transfer process.

Alternately, if you will be keeping your existing mail services after the transfer, the Valet team will ensure the necessary DNS entries are migrated to keep your services active.

Note: Hover does not provide web hosting services and is unable to host your domain's website after transferring from another provider.

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