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How to: Transfer a domain from Network Solutions

Tyson Acker
posted this on April 03, 2012 22:19

This tutorial will step you through preparing a domain at Network Solutions for a transfer to Hover.

Warning - if you rely on Network Solutions' DNS services for custom DNS records, please contact Hover customer service so we can setup your DNS records in Hover before you transfer in so you do not experience any downtime on your domain's services.

This tutorial applies to the following top-level domains:

.com / .net / .info / .org / .tv / .us / .me / .biz / .tel

Other top-level domains, such as .ca domains, have a different transfer process.  Please contact or give us a call at 1-866-731-6556 if you need help with the transfer of top-level domains not covered in this section.

A step-by-step transfer process is outlined below:


Disable domain privacy

To disable domain privacy for a domain at Network Solutions, please follow these steps:

  1. Visit and click on the Manage Account link.

  2. Log in with your Network Solutions User ID and password.

  3. Click on My Domain Names.

  4. Scroll down to the detail section for the domain name being transferred.  Click on Turn Private Registration off.

  5. Select Turn Private Registration off and then click Go.

    Domain privacy has now been disabled.


Ensure that your administrative email contact is up-to-date


To update your domain's administration email address, please complete the following steps:

  1. Visit and click on the Manage Account link.

  2. Log in with your Network Solutions User ID and password.

  3. Click on the Account Settings tab.

  4. Click on User Profile.

  5. Scroll down and check your User Profile email address for accuracy.  If the address is out of date, click on Edit User Profile.

  6. Enter your current email address in the E-mail text field and then click Save.

  7. Using a public whois website, check whether or not you need to update your domain's administrative contact email address.  Here are two services you can use:

    If your admin email address is out of date, it needs to be updated prior to the transfer.

    If you do not need to update your administrative contact, please click here to skip to the next step.
  8. If you need to update your administrative contact, click on the Account Settings tab.

  9. Click on WHOIS Contacts.

  10. Put a check next to the domain name being transferred, then click Edit.

  11. Select WHOIS Administrative Contact then click Go.

  12. Select Yourself (this is the user profile contact information you checked earlier) and then click on Continue.

    Your domain WHOIS records will now match your profile details.

Unlock your domain name


This tutorial will show you how to unlock a domain name and retrieve your transfer authorization code from Network Solutions so you can transfer your domain to Hover.


To unlock a domain at Network Solutions, please follow these steps:

  1. Visit and click on the Manage Account link.

  2. Log in with your Network Solutions User ID and password.

  3. Click on My Domain Names.

  4. Scroll down to the Detail section for the domain name being transferred.  Across from Domain Protect:, click on Turn Off or Request Authorization Code.

  5. Select Leave Domain Protect off and Request Authorization Code and then click Save.  Your authorization code will be sent by email to your account profile email address.

  6. Check your email inbox for a message from Network Solutions and record your authorization code.

Initiate your domain transfer through

  1.  Visit and click on Transfer to Hover.

    Or, If you are an existing customer, sign in to your Hover account at and click on the + Add New button and then click on the + Transfer a domain to Hover link, as pictured below.

    Multiple Domain View

    Single Domain View

  2. Type the domain name to be transferred in the text box and click on the Check or Search button (the button name will vary depending on whether you are initiating the transfer from within an account or from the main Hover page).

  3. A step-by-step transfer process screen will appear.  The question mark icon will link you to a help tutorial.

    Depending on your registration service provider, there will be up to 3 steps listed:

    1. Domain privacy status.
    2. Admin email confirmation.
    3. Domain lock status.

    If the step has a red X in the status then this indicates that the step needs to be completed to continue.  A green check indicates that the step has been completed.

    Click on Send test email to confirm the admin email address. 

  4. Open your email, find a message with an "agree" button you must click after entering your initials.  If the button does not work,  you can use the link just below "This form is also available on the website".  Once verified you will be redirected to the transfer-in page on

  5. Once there are green checks next to each status item, click on the plus (+) to add the domain name to your shopping cart.

  6. Under your Cart click on the Continue to Checkout button.

  7. Enter your transfer authorization code (also called an EPP key) in the text box and then click on Checkout.

  8. If you are not already signed into a Hover account you will see the following screen to create an account or sign in:

    If you already have an account, click on Sign in to sign in with your Hover username and password.  New customers need to provide their name, a contact email address, then pick a username and password for their Hover account.  If you are a new customer, click Create Account after typing in all the required details.
  9. Fill out your name and address as you would like them to appear in your domain registration records.

  10. Scroll down and put a check next to "Do not make my contact information public" if you want you information to remain private.  Click Continue.

  11. Billing information needs to be provided next.  You can use your existing credit card if you already have an account with billing information, or select Use a different card if you want to use a new credit card. (PayPal is not available for domain transfers)

  12. Fill in your name and address as they appear on your credit card statements, then scroll down and enter your credit card number, card security code (CVV), and expiration date.  Click Continue when finished.

  13. Put a check next to I have read and agree to the Terms of Service and then click on Purchase Now.

  14. Your domain status will listed as pending until the transfer has been completed. 


Approve the transfer (optional)

If you do nothing, your pending domain transfer from Network Solutions to Hover will be approved automatically after 5 days.  If you don't want to wait, the following instructions will show you how to approve a pending transfer.

Please be warned that Network Solutions will disable hosting, email, DNS, and URL forwarding services after your transfer away has been approved.  If you rely on any of these Network Solutions services for your domain name, please contact or call us at +1.866.731.6556 so we can help you set up Hover services before your transfer is initiated.

To expedite your transfer from Network Solutions to Hover, please complete these steps:

  1. Check Your Email for a Domain Name Transfer Request Message from Network Solutions.

  2. Select Confirm then click Submit.

  3. Network Solutions will provide a summary of the approved transfer.  It may still take a few days for your domain transfer to be completed.

  4. After your transfer has been completed, you will receive a Congrats! email like the one below.



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Geoffrey Evans

Nice guide!  The Network Solutions part was dead on accurate, but the side was a bit outdated (ironically enough).  The changes were minor so its no biggie!

April 18, 2012 22:40
User photo
Curtios Gardner

Useful guide, only part that is a little confusing is the part where the UI has changed - no 'Continue' button, instead you need to get into the shopping cart.

January 28, 2013 15:04
User photo
Blair Mueller
Hover Help Center

Thanks for the feedback!   We will be updating the tutorials pertaining to transfers into Hover soon!  Hope it wasn't too much trouble. 

January 28, 2013 17:10
User photo
Curtios Gardner

Just to be specific, the specific step that was off was Step 6 in the 'Initiate your domain transfer through".

February 01, 2013 16:50
User photo
Blair Mueller
Hover Help Center

Yep, our website has been updated since this tutorial was put up and we're working on getting a new one up shortly.  Thanks again for the feedback. 

February 01, 2013 21:18
User photo
Joseph Decker

There's one thing to watch out for here, I updated the admin contact (I really didn't need to, it was pointed to an old address but one that still forwards to me) and then attempted to unlock my domain name, but Network Solutions places a 30-day hold on transfers after any change of admin contact.  Apparently you can get around this by calling, but I wish I'd known this up-front.  Otherwise, great instructions so far, thanks!

August 20, 2013 13:42
User photo
Ben Brzozowski

Yes Joseph Decker is correct.   I had to call too.  I was expecting a hard-sell but they didn't make a big deal or it.

December 17, 2013 22:12