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How to: View and print invoice receipts

Tyson Acker
posted this on March 24, 2012 23:16

This tutorial will show you how to find your payment invoices and print them directly from your Hover account.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Hover account online at
  2. Click on the Activity link at the top-right hand corner of the Hover website.

  3. Click on View invoice next to the appropriate order.

  4. The invoice will be displayed on your screen.  For a printed copy, click on Print this page for your records.



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Andrew Ebling

Despite having placed an order several hours ago (and got email confirmation and even configured email forwarding), the order is not showing up under Activity :(

August 19, 2013 06:51
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Brennan Valenzuela
Hover Help Center

Hey Andrew, thanks for sending us an email. I've taken over your request and will be helping you through email.

August 19, 2013 12:33
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Christopher Neville

I have placed a few orders today, and one of them (large order of around 15 domains) does NOT appear under Activity, and I have NOT received an email confirmation either. I have no record at all of my purchase.... all my domains are listed, active and working, but I need this invoicing/confirmation problem to be fixed ASAP...

Just to confirm, all my domains WORK; I am simply missing my order confirmation & invoice.

As this is my first experience with Hover, I have to say I'm somewhat disappointed... please get back to me as soon as possible. I will send a request by email as well.


September 07, 2013 23:24
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Brennan Valenzuela
Hover Help Center

Hi Christopher, I found your email help request. I'll personally take a look at it and reply to you there. Thanks.

September 08, 2013 14:25
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Stephen Fithian

hi , received a receipt for the renewal but it doesn't appear in activity, because of the auto renew feature I wish to avoid being billed twice


December 07, 2013 13:58
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Blair Mueller
Hover Help Center

Hi Stephen, 

That's because the order hasn't been approved just yet.  When the order has been approved (which I've now approved for you) you will see the transaction show up in your Activity.  Please refresh your page in the next few minutes, and you should be good to go. 

December 07, 2013 14:03